Wednesday, 19 August 2009

It's official - I'm old

The nurse from the clinic just rang back with my AMH level - 3.69. She said this means I'm in the 'low fertility' range, so I presume this is the scale they're using (apparently there are two different scales for AMH).

Optimal Fertility: 28.6 pmol/L – 48.5 pmol/L
Satisfactory Fertility: 15.7 pmol/L – 28.6 pmol/L
Low Fertility: 2.2 pmol/L – 15.7 pmol/L
Very Low/Undetectable: 0.0 pmol/L – 2.2 pmol/L

She needs to have a chat with the consultant to see if this changes anything, and will hopefully ring me back late this afternoon or this evening. She said because I'll be on the highest dose of the drugs anyway following my rubbishy FSH and oestradiol levels, she thinks he'll just say go ahead - but it's not certain. Presumably even if he's happy to go ahead, with this sort of level the treatment is less likely to be successful.

So another dip on the old rollercoaster, and I'm back on my knees praying for the right answer this evening.


  1. At least it's not in the very low category... I think you might find that a lot of people in their late thirties are in the range you're in, and they do go on to have IVF treatments and to have success. I'll be on my knees too!

    As for the big party which might collide with treatment, well, you might have to work a bit of a white lie and say that you have a minor surgical treatment which has been scheduled for the Friday and that you will need to be recovering on the Saturday. You can say, mysteriously, that it's 'women troubles'. Heck, you wouldn't actually be lying at all, come to think of it. It's all the truth, just not spelled out in technicolour.

    Praying for a good response from the consultant... thinking of you XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. 'Women troubles' wouldn't cut it, I'm afraid - he's an obstetrician and would want the technicolour version!!

    I'm not too gutted yet, as the nurse still sounded hopeful that the treatment will go ahead - but how am I meant to prepare for tomorrow's teaching while waiting for THAT phone call...? xx