Monday, 15 February 2010

The new regime

We had a marvellous time in Stratford - visited Shakespeare's birthplace, Nash's house, Hall's Croft, Trinity Church (where we saw Shakespeare's grave) and Anne Hathaway's cottage, did some shopping, had a nice walk by the river after Mass on Sunday morning, and indulged ourselves with the full English breakfasts that DH loves and the cream teas that I love.

Then we came back to unpack the boxes of supplements that had been delivered:

One of the things we bought in Stratford was a couple of those pill organiser boxes with sections for different days of the week and for four doses throughout the day. We thought they would be perfect for keeping track of all our supplements, but we hadn't reckoned with the size of these things. DH's breakfast and teatime doses and my teatime dose are way too big to fit in those delicate little holes, so I've used an ice cube tray as well, and have sorted out a week's worth of supplements for each of us - I thought it would be much easier to do it that way than to have to think about it every day.

So, here's what a week's worth of supplements now looks like for us:

And just to give you a better idea of the size of these things, here's a view of the ice cube tray from the top:

All I can say is, this had better be worth it...


  1. So glad you enjoyed yourself in Stratford. It was on our list of things to do in England and I recognized all the places you visited from my notes. I suspect we won't be taking that trip for a while now ...

    I am glad you posted those photos! It completely puts the massive quantity of pills into perspective!!! I am just sitting here gaping. It better be worth it indeed!

  2. Oh my. That is...crazy! My throat is tightening just thinking about taking all those supplements. You and DH are brave indeed. And not a soul can question your commitment!

    Lovely that enjoyed a weekend away. Some day I'll get PB over there...some day when I'm not pregnant, we aren't going through treatments, and we have money in the bank account that isn't for any of the above. So much of England I haven't seen! Sounds like a beautiful Valentine's getaway!

  3. Well at least you will easily keep your fluid intake up while you are popping all those pills as it will probably take about a litre of water to swallow them all!!!
    Can you expect to 'feel' better soon? Or is it one of those things where the benefits are gradual so you probably won't notice them sneaking up on you?
    Glad you had a lovely weekend away. :)

  4. Well, it's a four month programme, so I presume it'll take more than two days to feel any positive effects - but I have to tell you, there are none so far!