Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Yet another false start

So, I went into the clinic yesterday all excited and looking forward to making a start on IVF #4. I picked up my form and trotted round the corner to the lab for my blood test, then back to the clinic to wait for my scan. I was taken upstairs for a teaching session to remind me how to do my jabs, then eveeeeentually went in for the scan. And that was where it started to go a bit wrong.

The scan was done by Mr Greek God, and the first thing I did was make an idiot of myself by putting my bottom where my head was meant to go. OK, I know, I'm hardly a beginner at all this - you'd think I'd know. In my defence, it was in a different room with a different set-up, and I got a bit confused.

Once I'd got myself in the right position, he got started. My lining was looking as it should, beginning to come away. One ovary was showing no signs of activity whatsoever - not a potential follicle in sight. The other had one or two around 4 mm, and another which measured 9x10 mm. Mr Greek God said that their cut-off is 10 mm, which interested me, as I had a 10 mm follicle last time we got started and they never mentioned it to me as a potential problem. Anyway, he said it would be Mr Miracle Worker's call whether he was willing to go ahead.

I then wandered off to a coffee shop to wait for the results. I met DH for lunch (and he irritated me by turning up 10 minutes late, so that I was left hanging around in the cold for 15 minutes, because, as he should know by now, when I make an arrangement with someone to meet at a certain time, I always try to turn up a few minutes early), and then wandered around the shops, clutching an information pack from the clinic in one hand and my phone in the other.

Eventually, one of the nurses called, and said that they weren't happy with today's results, but if I wanted to I could go back again today for yet another blood test and scan to see whether they had improved. She said the blood test indicated that this wasn't a proper period yet - well, that really freaked me out, because it came at the right time and had been as heavy as usual since Saturday afternoon.

I said if this wasn't a good month, I didn't want to waste time and money going back for more blood tests and scans for nothing, and tried to ascertain what she meant by 'not a proper period'. All she could tell me was that my progesterone was still high, and it should have dropped after my period started.

In the morning, I had asked Mr Greek God what I should do about the DHEA if Mr Miracle Worker decided I shouldn't go ahead this month. He said it was fine to be on DHEA for up to six months, and since it was Mr Wonderful who prescribed it last time, I should talk to him about getting a repeat prescription. I mentioned this to the nurse who called, and she said she would talk to Mr Wonderful and call me back.

So it was back to wandering the streets while I waited for another call, and eventually I settled in another coffee shop with a book until the phone rang.

It was Mr Wonderful who called me back. He asked if I was still taking the DHEA, and when I said I was, he said I should stop it immediately and then come back next month. He said that the high progesterone could be caused by the DHEA - and sure enough, when I consulted Dr Google when I got home, I discovered a few articles that said DHEA supplementation could cause increased progesterone levels. The only warning I'd had beforehand was that it could increase testosterone levels, so I wasn't prepared for this at all.

Although they didn't tell me what the level was, both the nurse and Mr Wonderful also said that my oestradiol was elevated yesterday, so I presume that must have risen since Sunday - maybe no surprise, if I already had a dominant follicle.

So the upshot of all that is that I wasted a day hanging around waiting for calls, wasted more money on blood tests and scans, and don't get to go ahead with IVF this month after all.

The good news? Well, my FSH was lower this month than it was last month, but still borderline at best, so another four weeks should hopefully give it a chance to come down a bit further. My cycle has returned to its normal length at last, following several short cycles after IVF #3. We get another month of healthy eating and taking the Foresight supplements, which did seem to help last time. And if we had gone ahead this month, we might have ended up with just the one dominant follicle again.

But does all of this make me any more confident about next month's results? Well, after one dominant follicle cycle and then seeing that the same thing seems to be happening again the very next time you get a scan, would you be confident of ever again getting more than one egg?


  1. Don't we normally have just one dominant follicle in an unmedicated cycle though?
    Sorry you have to wait it out yet again but I've got my fingers crossed for next month being all systems go!!


  2. Yes, but it's only supposed to become dominant a few days into the cycle. On CD 2, what they should be seeing is several follicles of around the same size, and if one is already at 10mm (and way ahead of the others), it's likely that the others won't catch up. That seemed to be my problem last time, and if it's going to happen every cycle then there's not much point in trying again.

  3. I just read this and the previous post. I'm so sorry you have to delay again, especially when you felt excited and ready to go and you FSH/E2 had improved some. I know it's good that your clinic is paying such close attention and stopping you from getting one dominant follicle, but it still has to be so frustrating. Hopefully once you are off the DHEA things will return to normal with your progesterone! Does your clinic cycle in December or is it closed for Christmas?

  4. :( I am sad to hear about this delay. i love it when even the RE's at your own clinic like to disagree about what you should do with the DHEA. I hope this month off does your body some good and that you are good to go next month
    thinking of you...

  5. OH damn, I'm so sorry Hope Springs. You're ability to end your posts by seeing the bright side is amazing. I think you should be really proud of yourself for that.
    That being said though, it is so hard to be delayed. I know you've been here before and that next month is not far away to try again, but I do understand that uncertainty of these delays, and i'm sorry. :(