Monday, 27 June 2011


After a little over three weeks of buserilin, I had my downregulation scan today, to see if I could start taking the next lot of drugs.

My lining was nice and thin, both ovaries were inactive, and it only took two nurses three attempts to take a bit of blood from me (which is fine - I know I have difficult veins, and the bruise really isn't that big).

But ... there's always a 'but'.

It seems I have another polyp, and the consultant rang this afternoon to say they want to do another scan to see whether it's likely to get in the way of implantation. Someone will ring me to arrange the appointment, so for the moment I'm in limbo again.

I asked if they could just do the hysteroscopy and get on with it if necessary, without abandoning this cycle. The answer was no - they don't do hysteroscopies at this clinic, so they would have to refer me to the NHS (which would take for ever) or I'd have to find another private clinic that was willing and able to do it at short notice.

Suddenly my stress levels are increasing again. I really don't want to abandon this cycle, but if there's any chance this polyp will adversely affect the outcome, I don't want to carry on until I'm rid of it.


  1. Ughh that is so frustrating. =( I really hope they don't have to cancel, but I do understand that you want the best possible situation for your transfer ... praying the best is to continue! =) Fingers crossed.

  2. oh goodness - how irritating - hope a simple course becomes clear!

  3. Grrr - enough already universe! Sending you big big hugs and hoping like mad that you get a good clear pathway ahead. SO frustrating!!! *HUGS*

  4. ugh, seriously!!!!???? I am so sorry, just when things were looking so good. I wish this was just smoother and easier for all of us.
    I hope things work out for you, you do not need or deserve all this extra stress.
    thinking of you...