Sunday, 30 January 2011

Busy busy busy

I've been a bad blogger recently - partly because when you've had as many months as I have waiting around for AF to turn up and then being told that this isn't a good month for treatment, there isn't really a lot left to say; partly because I've been working hard on Operation Destress, which has involved quite a lot of trying to avoid thinking about anything that gets me stressed; and partly because work has suddenly turned really busy.

I'll say it cautiously, but it looks as though my dream of still being self-employed by the end of the year is one dream that will come true in 2011 - I won't make a fortune, but this month I made enough to cover the bills with a little bit left to tide me over the less profitable months. I've got enough work to keep me going flat out till the end of February, and several good leads for the coming months. That's quite an achievement after four months of self-employment, and I still love my new boss!

The other dream for 2011 is never far from my mind, and I'm on another huge health kick with the supplements, wheatgrass, healthy diet, no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, etc. Still going to reflexology and coaching sessions, trying to get more sleep at night, having some really good discussions with DH and feeling happy that we're so much more on the same page at the moment. Waiting for my latest niece to show up - her due date was on Friday.

I can't do more than I'm doing, and I'm hoping against hope that it's enough.


  1. Glad you're keeping busy and continuing to take care of yourself, and so glad business is going well and you & DH are in a good place! As hard as it is to be on hold with treatments, it sounds like you're doing really well. Here's hoping to continued good things in 2011!

  2. You have been on my mind! I figured you were just trying to get away from anything that might add to your stress. I am so very excited to hear that your self-employment is working out and will continue to pray that it stays successful. I am also praying hard for your other 2011 dream to come true. *hugs*

  3. Nice to see you again. COngrats on the work front. It sounds like you are really finding your feet there, I'm SO proud of you!!!!

    I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. It sounds like you are doing all you can to make your other 2011 dream come true.

    Much love x