Sunday, 5 September 2010

Utterly spoilt

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. As it turned out, the day couldn't have been better yesterday.

My 40th birthday celebrations last year were completely coloured for me by the fact that on my birthday, I didn't hear at all from one branch of the family (one of my brothers, his wife and seven children, the eldest of whom is my godson). To be fair to them, I did get something in the post a few days later, but on the day, there was no phone call, no e-mail, no text message, nothing even on Facebook. The more ways there are of getting in touch, the more disappointing it is when someone fails to do so.

Yesterday, I had two phone calls, an e-mail and a Facebook message from them, and it makes all the difference knowing they're thinking of me. I also heard from every other branch of the family, saw both my sisters and received dozens of cards, presents and messages. BOTH my sisters brought cakes that they had made. And of course, my parents are here for the weekend, so we had a lovely time with them as well.

Here's a picture of the table covered with my cards and presents, taken with the fantastic new camera that DH got me (in poor light, without the flash - not bad, eh?!).

Today my youngest brother and his pregnant wife are coming for lunch. It's very unfair of me not to be looking forward to it very much, especially when they're making a huge effort to be with me on my birthday weekend, but this is the pregnancy I've struggled with most - it's their first child, and she is VERY excited about it and talks about pretty much nothing else, and I so desperately want to be nothing but happy for them, but the jealousy just creeps in despite my better intentions.

Anyway, now I'd better go off and clear all that stuff off the table so we can have some breakfast...


  1. So pleased you had a great birthday and your family showered you with love (and presents!).

    I think you've got to give yourself a break about the jealousy thing. Its unavoidable really especially when it's a younger sibling and you know it happened so easily. Just remind yourself that its not a reflection of your love to them, as I'm sure you love them to bits. Its You're not jealous of them personally, its just the scenario. I think it helps to keep reminding yourself that as it makes the jealousy less personal and more reasonable.
    Be strong, and have a good cry afterwards. thinking of you.

  2. I am so, so glad to hear how spoiled you were on your birthday. You deserved every second of it. A new camera is a wonderful present!! I am impressed with the clarity of the photo you took in low light with no flash -- that is hard to do without getting some fuzziness. What kind is it?

    Happy birthday once again! *hugs*