Monday, 20 September 2010

Short pause

One of the worst things about dealing with IF is the inability to make any plans. I can't tell you how many holiday plans we've made and then shelved in the last two and a half years. But one trip that has been postponed way too many times and for way too long is a trip to see my brother and SIL in South Africa.

Well, once we knew the clinic wanted us to wait three cycles before jumping back on the IVF train again after our latest failure, that was the first trip we booked, and I can't wait to see them. You can picture me getting to know my sweet nephews again, having endless chats over cups of (decaf) coffee with my wonderful SIL Jeannie, and exploring the local area - they've moved house since we last visited them, to the opposite end of the country.

See you in ten days...


  1. oh wow! I'm so pleased you finally get to have this holiday, it sounds like it will be amazing.


  2. Have an amazing time. So glad you are getting to this.

  3. That is so great! I hope you have a fabulous time. Jeannie is always so sweet when she leaves comments on my blog. I hope you get lots of good conversation, yummy tea, and nephew time!

  4. Have a wonderful time! Coco x