Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Getting fit

The latest step in trying to create the perfect environment for a baby to snuggle into is that I'm trying to get fit again - I haven't done a lot since I had all those problems with my back earlier this year, and my gym closed down a couple of months ago.

The manager of the gym has now set up on her own, offering personal training, and I've signed up for that. I've just finished my second session, and boy, can I feel it! She's very good about not pushing me too hard - I felt a twinge in my back at one point and she instantly stopped me doing what I had been doing and changed to an exercise which didn't use my back so much. But there's no hiding at the back of the class or coasting when you get tired - with someone watching you the whole time, you have to work hard all the way through.

My favourite exercise is the boxing - I'd never done it before, but I have plenty of aggression to work out at the moment. I wonder if I can get a pair of gloves for myself and get DH to wear the pads...

The rest of today will also be reasonably active - we finally have a couple of dry days, and the shed desperately needs to be painted. I might even manage to treat the decking and mow the grass as well.

Job hunting can wait until tomorrow - I need to get my house in order first...

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  1. Congrats on going back to the gym. A personal trainer sounds like a great way to keep your motivation up.
    Yeah, let the job hunt wait for a bit. Tend to other things that you feel like first. xxx