Saturday, 2 October 2010

Back home

Well, we had a marvellous holiday. It was wonderful to see my brother, to spend hours chatting over coffee with my SIL (thanks, Jeannie), to get to know my nephews again and have lots of playing and lots of snuggles with them, to see where they're living now and be able, now that we're home, to picture their daily life so much better.

They're living in a little settler town in the Eastern Cape which is packed with history, as you can see from the beautiful store fronts here.

There's a beautiful cathedral in the centre of town...

... the university, where my brother works...

... and nearby, there's a huge pineapple farm...

... and a game park with several different types of animals and birds, including loads of elephants.

We really didn't want to come back... and guess which witchy old aunt joined us on the flight home, as if to say, "Don't ever expect things to happen just because you're relaxed, buster."


  1. Nice photos Hope Springs!! Welcome back.
    Thanks for the link to that blog post on your comment to me this morning. It was really thoughtful of you.
    I can't believe the poor timing of AF, but yet in some ways I can totally believe it. She is evil! Although at least she didn't come in the middle of your holiday I guess.
    Hope you settle back into life at home ok.

  2. Welcome back! I have missed your updates (although it was neat to imagine you waving when Jeannie commented on my blog hehe). Wow, those photos are gorgeous!! What a beautiful place to live. I am glad you had so much fun. Of course AF shows at the end, isn't that her way? Ugh. But don't let it ruin the wonderful memories you've made!!