Monday, 11 October 2010

I was right

Thank you for your advice and encouragement on my last post. I did e-mail my friend, and it turned out I was right - although obviously I'd rather have been wrong.

She responded very quickly and told me about the devastation she and her husband had suffered when they lost a very much-wanted child quite late in the pregnancy. She also told me that her son was conceived through IVF.

I'm so sorry for the pain she's had to go through, but really glad that I made that contact - it's so easy to do nothing in these circumstances, but with your help it took me less than a minute to compose an e-mail which has opened up a line of communication and hopefully made her feel that someone else cares about what happened to her.


  1. So glad that you both can communicate about the subject. i think the worst thing about IF is how lonely and isolating it makes us, perhaps this will be a bridge for you both.
    P.S. Still not one comment on the post I left on FB about baby loss.

  2. I'm glad you reached out to her.
    And I'm so sorry for her loss.

  3. I am glad you decided to email her. It probably meant so much for her to have someone acknowledge her loss. I have read other people's blog posts about mentioning loss or IF on fac.ebook and being totally ignored, and I think that is very frustrating.