Friday, 25 June 2010

Delivering the message

You know what I really enjoyed about that phone call yesterday?

The first thing the nurse said to me was that my oestradiol level was a bit high and that Mr Miracle Worker wanted to do another test before deciding whether I should go ahead with treatment this month.

But then I asked for all the numbers - oestradiol first, because that was the first thing she'd mentioned, and then FSH.

The emotion that she put into that single word, "Seven", was amazing. I could hear the smile on her face, and her voice was full of excitement, as though she were sharing some wonderful secret with me.

I said, "But that's the lowest it's ever been!"

And she instantly responded, with the same smile in her voice, "I know - that's why we want to try to go ahead this month."

It's a big clinic with a lot of nurses and an even greater number of patients, and I doubt if either of us could pick the other out of a line-up, but we shared a real moment of excitement over my day 2 hormone levels. I suppose they must get as fed up with delivering bad news as we do with hearing it. A phone call with a bit of good news in it was a boost for both of us yesterday.


  1. That's really wonderful. And you should get that kind of excited delivery! Despite the negatives, I have to imagine that people who do that kind of work must love it. And I'm eagerly and anxiously awaiting the final verdict! Bring on IVF #3!

  2. Sorry I missed your last post -- our power was out for a day and a half due to a storm. But: YES! YES! YES!!!! Soo excited for you! FSH of 7 ... that's incredible, seriously!

    *big, jubilant hugs* I'm grinning like an idiot over here!!

  3. Now, I've just noticed you were online a couple of hours ago, which was ridiculously early in England... I'm hoping like mad that was because the scans etc went well and you were up sticking big needles into yourself.

    Gosh, that sounds odd, doesn't it?? Really really hoping you got to start treatment though sweetie - all our love! XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. I think most of the time the nurses who work in fertility clinics are just amazing. Truely... who would volunteer to work in a situation where you are continually dealing with hormonal and overly emotional woman day in day out, and imagine how hard it must be to have to deliver the bad news all the time.... So yes, I am so pleased your nurse got to deliver a little ray of sunshine to you, and that you got to recieve it too.