Thursday, 24 June 2010

Drum roll, please

Don't ever let anyone try to tell me FSH levels aren't adversely affected by stress.

The clinic just called with my results, and they're the best ever - FSH 7 (yes, seven - that's a little over half what it was when first tested), LH 3.2, oestradiol 222 and prolactin 292.

I'm so excited about my FSH level - but this is a little tempered by the fact that my oestradiol is back over the magic 200 number. Although it's the FSH they concentrate on more, the high oestradiol apparently still makes me borderline.

My instructions are to go in for a scan and another blood test tomorrow, and on the basis of those they'll decide whether or not to recommend going ahead with treatment. I don't know if it's a sign of optimism on the nurse's part that she said I'd need to plan to be there for a while tomorrow so that I can have my injection training etc.

Please keep everything crossed for me...


  1. YAY! That's spectacular!! I keep keeping everything crossed for you :) Good luck tomorrow!

  2. 7 is AMAZING!!!! Congrats! And you know I'm over here with everything crossed that the next round of bloodwork is even better!

  3. Sooooo keeping everything crossed for you!!!

  4. Holy moly!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing, the BEST news. So happy for you. xxxx