Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Here we go again

Today is CD 1, so I've just arranged to go in tomorrow for another blood test. Hopefully this time my FSH will be a bit lower again and I'll be able to start IVF #3.

What I didn't tell you about the excitement of the other day is that the first time it happened was on day 13 of my normally 26-day cycle. I usually ovulate around day 13, so for the first time ever, this put me in with a chance of a 100% natural conception.

Of course, Mr No Nonsense's words of last year were ringing in the back of my head, when I told him about our problem and he said, "With these sperm results, it wouldn't have happened anyway." But I was also aware that DH's sperm had improved significantly since then.

So when my AF was due on Monday and there was no sign of it, I tried not to get excited, but I was a little distracted. And when I got through the whole day at work yesterday and there was still no sign, I was a little more distracted.

I remained a little bit realistic - I kept telling myself that I was waiting for AF to show up because I needed to arrange my blood test, and reminding myself that although I think of my cycle as being like clockwork, I have been a day late before.

I have to confess, though, that I enjoyed a couple of days of day-dreaming about what it would be like to find out that I was pregnant, imagining telling DH he was going to be a father, calculating how many weeks gone I would be by the time I finished work...

But when I saw last night that AF was on her way, and then when I woke up to a full flow this morning, I wasn't too sad, because the delay was just long enough to ensure that it's OK that I can't go into London today and that I'll be just fine doing the blood test tomorrow.

I'm hoping for a nice low FSH number after being on holiday this month, sorting out my work situation and generally being less stressed than I have been for ages. But if I don't get it, we have another month of trying naturally - which makes me feel as though there's only two weeks to wait rather than four before we have another chance.

So all in all, it's been a nice couple of days with my head in the clouds, and when I came down to earth it wasn't with the crash that it has been on so many previous occasions. And now we'll see what happens next...


  1. You make me smile, I love how genuinely optimistic you are. It's rubbing off on me you know :)

    Keeping everything crossed for good numbers!

  2. I haven't been asking but I was hoping the radio silence meant something too! But it's wonderful to hear you sounding so optimistic (and with reason, yay!) about this next cycle. Holding thumbs re the FSH level and sending loads and loads of love XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. I'm glad you got your 1st chance to try naturally and that you were able to stay positive even after AF arrived. I am saying many prayers for you that your FSH will be nice and low so that you can start cycling again! Let us know whenever you get the results!

  4. After all this time, there seems to be a silver lining either way, and that is pretty darn priceless! And it really is fabulous to hear you (or read you, as it were) so happy and positive. Here's hoping the reduction in stress worked it's charm!

  5. wow such an upbeat feel to the post - love it!

  6. Oh my gosh, I'm so nervous and excited for you. Down fsh down!!!
    And yes, you've opened up a whole new can of hope with trying naturally!!!! xxx