Monday, 28 September 2009

Embarrassing TTC moments

A few months ago, I was teaching a group of students who had last seen me shortly before my wedding. During the morning tea break, one of them asked how the wedding had gone. I jumped at the chance to bore yet another person with a few of my wedding pictures, which I happened to have stored on my computer.

I had a big screen behind me on which I had been showing Powerpoint slides, and as I didn't disconnect it, everyone in the room was able to see the photos that I was showing on the big screen. The 'My Pictures' folder on my work computer contains a random selection of pictures - a few wedding photos, a few other pictures that people have e-mailed to me, and a couple of other things.

I had obviously been using my work computer one time when I was changing my avatar on the TTC internet forum I used to post on, and had saved a cartoon to my hard drive. And that's how, when I reached the last of the wedding photos and the computer just picked up the next thing in the folder to display, this picture appeared on the big screen behind me:

This is a shameless request for comments to make me laugh (and hopefully make me feel a little better about my own faux pas) - please share with me any embarrassing TTC moments you have had...

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