Friday, 4 September 2009

Life begins...

Well, over the last week I've held several wakes for my lost youth, and now I have to face the fact - technically, it's now after midnight, so I'm 40 today.

Actually, despite spending the last month being told my ovaries are too old and shrivelled to do anything useful, I really have no problem with my chronological age and have just been enjoying the parties. I'm looking forward to a weekend with some of my family, and will miss those who aren't with us. And I expect to be hideously embarrassed at work today.

And I really hope my life as a mother will begin at 40...


  1. Me too! Holding thumbs and sending up prayers for that - also that you have a wonderful celebration this weekend :) WISH we were there!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. aw happy birthday (late)! i hope it was great!