Sunday, 27 September 2009

Life swapping

After a stroll into town and a nice lunch in a cafe, DH and I stood outside the cafe chatting for a couple of minutes before he gave me a kiss and walked off, looking back a couple of times to wave and blow me another kiss. After all, it was going to be a full three hours before we saw each other again.

When he'd gone, I noticed a group of teenagers standing nearby. One of them was heavily pregnant. She wore a tiny little vest top and a tiny little pair of trousers, and her naked bump stood out white and proud between them. She also wore a nasty scowl, and it appeared to be directed at me.

"Your chap not treat you as nicely as that, dear?" I thought in a nasty, gloating sort of way (because I can be pretty mean when I feel like it). "Well, maybe if you'd waited until the right man came along like I did, you too could be treated with love and tenderness, and your man would hold your hand and support you as you... errrrm... went through IVF because you were both too old and knackered to conceive naturally..."

So there we were, a little bit jealous of each other. Or maybe I'm flattering myself and she just thought it was gross to see people as old as us kissing in the street (though I promise you it was just a quick peck - nothing inappropriate!). Either way, I know that if I had what she has, I'd treasure it and thank God for it and it would make my life complete.

But I'd still rather be me than her.

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  1. It's always so frustrating to see those pregnant teenagers ... but you, too, have something special in your wonderful marriage and if you two bring a baby into this world he or she will be so blessed to have you as parents.