Saturday, 9 January 2010

A decision?

I'm on my own again this morning - in all this snow and ice, I've sent DH away to make sure his parents are OK, get some shopping in for them, etc. The easiest way for him to go is to take the train straight from work and come back the next day, so I'm expecting him back some time this afternoon. I'm glad he's gone, especially as their boiler broke down yesterday, and although it was repaired within 24 hours, I think he needed the reassurance of being able to see them and see that they're all right.

With the evening to myself last night, I wrapped myself in a blanket and ate too much cheese (boy, did I feel sick by the time I went to bed - will I ever learn?!) while watching Top Gear on the telly.

I also had a phone call from a very dear friend. We each have the calling plan for our phone where UK calls are free for the first hour - let's just say this was a two-call conversation.

She is the only person I knew before all this started who had gone through IVF. She conceived twins on her second attempt, and although her circumstances were totally different (she and her husband needed IVF because her husband had had chemotherapy for cancer, and they had frozen some of his sperm before he started treatment), she is the only one of my family and close friends who really understands what we're going through. She has also come out the other side and survived, so is a fantastic person to talk to about it all.

I told her about IVF #2 and that we were thinking of changing clinics and going to one in London. Instantly, she said, "Not XXXX?" and mentioned the one that's currently top of my list. I cautiously asked her what she knew about it, and she had nothing but positive things to say.

Somehow, although she never went there herself, and although her IVF treatment was almost 10 years ago, I trust what she has to say almost more than I trust my own research.

So it might change again a thousand times, but for today, I think my mind is made up - and for today, that gives me a sense of peace. And now, because I've got the house to myself and it's cold outside, I'm going to go and soak in a really long hot bath with a good book...


  1. Hooray for a (possible) decision made! I am so excited for you and glad you had someone who could offer such great and helpful advice!

    Enjoy that bath and book!

  2. Thats fantastic! xxxx clinic here you come!
    Enjoy your peaceful day.