Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Samson and the bald patch

So, on Saturday I finally got round to cutting our hair. When I phoned Foresight last week for more information, they told me they send off their hair samples to the lab once a week, on Fridays. Since we'd already missed the chance to get ours to them for last Friday, we decided to sort out our samples on Saturday and then send them off during the week.

The hair needed to be the newest growth (ie, the closest to the scalp), about an inch in length. The amount that we need to send is about a tablespoonful.

It turns out that that's an awful lot of hair. The woman on the phone told me that I should lift up the visible hair on top and take it from underneath - which was fine when DH was cutting my hair. Mine isn't long, but it does cover my neck, so he lifted up the top layer and took off an inch all along the nape of my neck. It feels a bit scratchy on my collar, but (I'm told) it looks fine.

DH, on the other hand, likes to keep his hair very short at the back and has no hair to speak of on the nape of his neck. I ended up lifting random bunches of hair all around the back of his head, snipping off whatever was underneath, then replacing the random bunch. The back of his head is now pretty unevenly covered, and he has a bit of a ridge in one area where you can see that a middle layer of hair is missing.

But there was one place where the scissors must have slipped a bit, and however I tried to arrange his hair, I couldn't cover up the little bald patch that I'd made. It's about half the size of a penny, and I'm sure the hair will grow over it fairly quickly. And of course the great thing is that it's on the back of his head, so as long as I keep him away from the barber for a couple of weeks, he should never know about it.

But I wonder when he's going to get bored of calling me Delilah...


  1. wow, i've always wondered about how that hair analysis stuff works so I'm going to be really keen to hear what your tests reveal! how long till you get the results?

    Hope your hubby likes his new haircut!

  2. Well, provided he remembers to post the stuff off today, it should reach them in time to go to the lab on Friday. Then they reckon it takes two to three weeks to get the results out, so we should hear by mid-February. I'll keep you posted...

  3. I had no idea you had to take hair from near the scalp! That is so much harder than just snipping off some ends! I am really looking forward to hearing the results.