Thursday, 21 January 2010


This isn't the post I was going to write this morning, but I wanted to share my excitement with you.

Last night, DH came home from work and told me about a conversation he'd had with his boss. It went something like this:

DH: [Something boring about work]
Boss: OK. By the way, how's the IVF going?
DH: We did two cycles. They were both unsuccessful.
Boss: Sorry to hear that. How's your wife?
DH: She's OK. Tired and stressed.
Boss: Are you going to try again?
DH: Hopefully.
Boss: And if that doesn't work out, you can always adopt.
DH: Yes, that's what we're planning.

So there you go, straight from the horse's mouth - he's coming round to the idea! We may not be able to adopt, we may not even get that far down the road, but if it comes to it, he's not going to turn the idea down out of hand.

The cogs may turn slowly, but it seems they've been turning after all!


  1. What a relief! I'm really happy to hear this :)

  2. Gosh, wonderful news, very pleased for you x Coco x

  3. Hooray! What great news! It seems he has been quietly absorbing all of this and making some decisions in his mind about your future family building plans. I'm so happy for you!

  4. thats great news, he just needed time to absorb it all in his own way I guess!

  5. That's awesome! Yeah for DH turning around! Sometimes it just takes men a little while to get to the same place we're in. PB's the same way. Frustrating, but most of the time, he finds his way to the same spot I'm in. I am so, so thrilled for you!