Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Whinging about something different

Washing your hair when you've got strapping on your back that's not allowed to get wet - not easy, especially when the reason for the strapping makes you a whole lot less flexible than usual anyway.

Having to get your back strapped up for the third time in a year - not fun. And being told to avoid all lifting and twisting sort of puts paid to the planned return to the gym, if the pain hadn't done that already.

I'm dragging my sore back off to work now - bleurgh...


  1. Oh, that's horrible. So sorry you're having to deal with that on top of everything else. Hopefully the treatment is short and will return you to a state of pain-free bliss?

  2. Okay, I googled "having your back strapped" but nothing came up. I think I am maybe missing exactly what happened to you. Are you wearing a back brace? It definitely sounds painful, and I am sorry you're hurting so much. =(

  3. Thank you. Sonja, I sprained a ligament in my back in 2008, then sprained it again last summer and was completely incapacitated by it. I still have a significant weakness in it and have regular treatment from an osteopath.

    I have a special belt that I wear to stabilise it when it starts to get sore, but at the moment that's not enough and I have a lot of very thick adhesive strapping stuck to my back to support the weak area and try to give the ligament time to heal. Because the ligament is inflamed again, the muscles in my back are seizing up to try to protect it, which means that I'm very stiff and sore, and also prone to damage it further because it's not as flexible as it should be.

    And all of that translates into me feeling very sorry for myself, so thank you both for the sympathy!

  4. Oh okay, I understand. It sounds worse than I thought, you poor thing! I am sorry ... I hope it starts feeling better soon!