Thursday, 14 January 2010

Random thoughts

  • I was telling someone at work this week about the hair analysis thing, and saying that I was going to be scalping DH some time in the next week. She joked, "What, so you're sending off your DNA so they can clone you? Isn't that a rather extreme way of getting a baby?" Now there's an angle I haven't explored yet...
  • A couple of weeks before Christmas, I was halfway through the two week wait for IVF #2 and I went into a bookshop that was having a closing-down sale. I haven't told anyone this, but there was a beautiful little set of books that I bought as a present for Rucksack. If there's no sign of a baby coming for us by the time my sister's baby comes along, I'll probably give it to him/her as a Christening present.
  • I have similar signs of naive optimism all over the place - the big pack of Granola bars that I bought from Costco because my SIL once said that eating one of those before she got out of bed in the morning was the only thing that used to control her morning sickness, the little teddy bear I bought for DH over a year ago with the t-shirt saying "No 1 Dad" and the little rucksack on its back that I intended to give him when I told him I was pregnant, the highchair I bought for my goddaughter 10 years ago that her mother returned to me when I got married saying, "You'll be needing this yourself soon" (and I do use it - when my nieces come to visit)...
  • Today is CD 27 of my first cycle after IVF #2. My first cycle after IVF #1 was only 24 days. My cycle is usually 25 or 26 days, so I'm expecting AF to show up any minute now. I've had PMS, but no spotting. I want AF to show up, to prove that everything's still working.
  • One of the things that IF robs us of is blissful ignorance. If you find out that you're pregnant at 6 weeks gestation, you're spared four weeks of worry and stress. I've fantasised that my last AF wasn't a real AF and that I'm actually pregnant from IVF #2. I'd love it if someone suddenly told me I was 8 weeks gone, but I know it's just a fantasy.
  • The postie just came and delivered the information pack from XXXX clinic. I need to read and digest the information, and then I'll probably tell you all about it tomorrow.
  • I'm having a hard time at work at the moment. The firm seems to have been taken over by a bunch of intellectual pygmies with the vision of myopic rhinos. It's hard to see things you've put your heart and soul into being trashed. It's harder for my head of department, who is a wonderful and caring man with a huge intellect and great vision and has worked there for 20 years and built the department up from nothing.
  • That woman has another post up on her blog. She seems to be trying to pick a fight. She wants to keep arguing until she's crushed me and proven all my arguments wrong, because she is the Holder of the Truth. I'm not playing. I'm crushed enough already, thanks.


  1. I loved reading all these random thoughts. I think it so cute that you have a teddy with a rucksack on it, ready and waiting. It sounds adorable!
    How cool would it be if point #5 was true! yay, nothing wrong with dreaming.
    As for the last point, don't take it personally, it was probably directed more at me than you since I posted a sarcastic paragraph pointing straight at her and I was the one that initially said "everyone is entitled to their opinion". Deciding not to play her game is totally sensible and its what I've chosen as well. :)

  2. I love how a woman at your work even thought human cloning was AVAILABLE as an everyday practice. Not to mention that you would CLONE yourself. Hahaha.

    I love your optimistic purchases. I have always been a pessimist and have been quite jealous of optimists. Yes, you put your heart out there, but you know what? You get to seize a moment and enjoy the heck out of it. You get to really, truly relish things. Not that you don't have bad, horrible, sad days, but I think there's really something admirable to that attitude.

    Just ignore that woman. She reminds me of my dad: she knows all the rules and follows them to a T, but in the end, she misses the point.