Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Wordpress blogs

I just wanted to let Myndi and Egghunt know that I'm thinking of them - I've been trying to comment on both your blogs the last few days, but when I press 'submit', my comments just disappear. Hopefully I'll be able to comment on your blogs again soon, but until that happens, please don't think that I'm ignoring you - I will keep trying!


  1. No worries! There are days where I have the same issue with Blogger blogs. From time to time, it's one of the reasons I consider switching to Blogger...and then I realize the issue goes both ways, and the blogs I read are split nearly half and half amongst the two...can't win for trying. But can't wait to hear from you when the issue goes away (wish I knew what it was!). And hope this comment finds you well. :)

  2. oh silly technology. I too have the same problem with blogger sometimes but I find if i resubmit my comment (sometimes it takes 10 times, so its EXTREMELY frustrating) then eventualy it is accepted. Its probably the blogging companies way of making us annoyed with their competition!!! Anyways, thanks for the thoughts, I appreciate it as always. xx