Monday, 10 May 2010

Just another Sunday...

So, after I wrote my post yesterday, I went onto Facebook - and waded through all the 'Happy Mothers' Day' wishes (and it's not even Mothers' Day here!), good wishes to my sister after she updated her status saying that it was her due date, people either boasting or complaining about their children (though I have now hidden the worst offenders) and then came to... another pregnancy announcement.

Went to church, then decided I really must give DH some driving practice, so offered to let him drive to my sister's house. He was nervous, wanting to impress me, and didn't drive well. We managed two miles before he got frustrated with himself, took it out on me, told me it was all my fault that he hadn't been able to concentrate, and reduced me to tears. We've now agreed that although I would love to help him in any way I can, it's probably counterproductive and possibly relationship-damaging for me to take him out practising.

The day could only go up from there, and despite the cold, damp, miserable weather, it did.

We had a lovely time at my sister's - my parents and younger brother and his wife were also there. BIL cooked a superb lunch, we sat around the table chatting for hours, and the children were all on their usual good form.

In the evening, I went on Facebook again, and the friend who had posted her pregnancy announcement in the morning had posted another status update: "Praying today for all those whose dream of motherhood has not been fulfilled", and somehow that made me feel good - a bit less invisible.

And then I went to bed, thinking of Sonja and her four babies, and Egghunt, whose embryo transfer should be today, and hoping and praying that all is going well with both of them.

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  1. That was so sweet that your friend acknowledged those trying to become mothers. I pray with all my heart that soon you, too, will fulfill that dream. Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers. I'm scared and anxious and in a lot of discomfort waiting here in the hospital but having friends like you praying hard gives me comfort and peace. *hugs*