Saturday, 22 May 2010

Wonderful family

Honestly, I couldn't wish for a better family than I have.

We went to meet our new niece on Thursday evening, and my sister and BIL asked my DH to be her godfather. He is absolutely chuffed to bits, and keeps proudly telling everyone he meets that he has a goddaughter.

My parents both made a point of asking me on the phone during the day if I was OK, and gave me huge long hugs when I arrived at the house in the evening.

When I arrived, #4 was demonstrating the impressive power of her lungs, and she was passed from person to person and happened to fall asleep when I was holding her. I made a comment about how lucky I was that I was the one holding her when she happened to cry herself out, and my sister said, "Don't be silly - we all know that you know what you're doing with babies." Somehow that made me feel really good.

Then in a quiet moment while my parents and other sister were bathing the older children, my sister and BIL asked DH and me how the IVF was going and just took time to show their concern - within 12 hours of my sister giving birth, and after a sleepless night. Their selflessness and generosity just overwhelms me. They also talked about how they agonised over how to tell us about this pregnancy, the discussions they had over it with each other and with my parents, and how hard they tried to find the time and way to tell me that would make it least painful for me.

Jeannie, as you all know from her comments, is wonderful.

And US SIL would be devastated if she knew how her recent e-mails have hurt me, but we haven't seen the US family since all this started, and having sailed through seven problem-free pregnancies (most of which were unplanned), what we're going through is just completely outside her realm of experience.

I was talking to my mother on the phone this morning, and she said she thought I had been very brave over the last few days. I don't feel brave, but I do feel wonderfully supported and cared about by my family and friends - including all of you, so thank you so much for all your lovely caring comments.


  1. You are a very lucky woman to have a family like that! And weather you think so or not, you are a brave person:)

  2. Your family sounds really wonderful. Congrats to your husband on the goddaughter :)