Saturday, 29 May 2010

My angel

My grandfather used to have a very powerful and rather vengeful guardian angel. If anyone ever upset my grandfather, they would often walk into a door, or drop something, or stub their toe, soon afterwards, and my grandfather would nod wisely and say, "That was my angel."

This morning, for reasons I won't go into, I was angrier than I have ever been with DH's sister. I was actually crying with rage and frustration at yet another example of her extreme selfishness and yet another weekend that was going to be ruined for me because of it.

Ten minutes after I got off the phone to DH (who stayed with his mother last night after visiting his father in hospital), I was typing up a storm, writing a really long ranting post about how angry I was, when I got a text from him to say that the situation had been somewhat resolved and SIL was going to keep her promise after all.

I think I must have inherited my grandfather's angel, and he's given her a bit of a nudge. It's nice to have a vengeful angel on your side from time to time...

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