Tuesday, 3 November 2009


I've been working from home a lot recently, and when I don't have to go into the office I do my blogging in the morning before I get up. When I'm going into the office I cheat - I write a post the night before and schedule it to publish first thing in the morning.

Today I have to go into the office, and I was too tired to write a post last night (despite all that sleep the night before). It's going to be a busy day, Insomnia Hour struck again last night, and as soon as DH is out of the bathroom I need to get ready. We leave home at 7 to get the 7:16 train, and usually get home about 7 pm. This evening, though, I may have to work late - I have a bit of catching up to do because of not being very focused on work last week (understatement of the century).

So this is your lot for today. I'm working from home again tomorrow, so normal service will resume in approximately 25 hours...

Have a nice day!


  1. I'm impressed with the scheduled blog posts. Mine are just whenever I can find the time. Truth be told, I sneak a post or two from work (or this comment, for example) when my brain can handle no more Excel. :-) They had blocked Blogger for a bit at work and I was going crazy...luckily that ban seems to be lifted for the moment!

  2. Hope your day isn't too long at work and that insomnia hour gives you a break for a few days so you can rest up good. :)

  3. Thanks for your kind comment on my post, it really helps me get through another day. I'm so sorry your IVF didn't turn out the way you hoped, but maybe next time will be your time (and mine if this one doesn't magically turn out all fairy-taley).

    Big hug back at you!