Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I'd like to thank...

... Egghunt for giving me this lovely Spreader of Love Award!

There are rules attached, which I'll tell you about and then largely ignore (sorry!).

Spreader of Love Award

The rules for this award are simple. Click below to read them:

I LOVE YOU=8 letters which gives you 8 rules :

1- Thank the person who nominated you for this award and write a little bit about why you love them.
2- Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3- Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4- Nominate no more than 17 people (why 17?) who you love or you think could use some love.
5- Write one word (you can only use a word once) about what you love about their blog.
6- You cannot nominate someone who has already been nominated-the love has to spread to all.
7- Post links to the 17 blogs you nominate.
8- Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.

A lot of the bloggers I follow already have this, so I'm just going to tell you about some of my favourite bloggers and some who could do with a bit of love being spread their way at the moment. Anyone I mention who doesn't already have it can consider themselves duly nominated for the award.

First, Egghunt, who gave me the award. I love the way she writes, and can relate to so much of what she says. She also leaves me some very supportive and thoughtful comments. She's about to start IVF #3, and I so hope that it's third time lucky for her.

Next, Sonja, who was one of my earliest readers and has always been so supportive - she's my most consistent and regular commenter, and I appreciate every single one of her thoughtful, sympathetic and helpful comments. She is currently in the throes of IVF #2, after getting severe OHSS on IVF #1, and again I'm really hoping that this will be the lucky one for her.

Myndi is another regular commenter who has been very supportive through my IVF #1. She was a couple of days ahead of me in the cycle, and several times I found that she had posted exactly what I was thinking or feeling just hours before I thought or felt it. She's now five weeks pregnant, and I'm so happy for her - but she's having a bit of a rough time with a flare-up of her eczema, which sounds very uncomfortable.

Lin frequently leaves me supportive comments, and could do with some herself at the moment, after a recent misunderstanding with her mother and a not-so-positive sperm test this week. Plus she's trying to lose 8 pounds to qualify for an IVF trial, so needs some good non-fattening support.

Simple just found out yesterday that she's pregnant, after exercising iron self-control to wait SIX HOURS after the nurse left her a message about her beta so that she could listen to it with her husband. She really does deserve a medal for that.

PJ has some great beta levels, but could do with a hug as she waits for her first ultrasound, after several previous miscarriages. She's never had beta levels this high at this stage, though, so I really hope that's a good sign that this is the sticky one.

Derailed is still licking her wounds in her cave after a negative result on her IVF, and I hope to see her back soon and ready for the next step in this journey.

Barrenblog could do with a huge hug as she prepares for her first IVF, without the comfort of her beloved cat. To quote the end of her last post, she feels "a level of terror and anxiety sufficient to almost - but not quite - anaesthetise the pain of losing a 19-year furry friend".

Io has been feeling rotten this week with a UTI.

Circus Princess is just coming to the end of her 2WW and has been experiencing a lot of spotting. I so hope that it means nothing, but as she waits for tomorrow's test she could really do with a hug.

Jamie Lynn has been upset by the latest piece of assvice she received.

And last but by no means least, Mel provides absolutely fantastic support to all of us, but after H1N1 last week and losing her beloved grandmother this week, she could do with a few extra hugs herself.

So, that's my round dozen for today. I'd also like to say how much I appreciate the comments from everybody who has ever commented on my blog, in particular Sarah, Gemma and TBD, who were very supportive during my IVF #1 - and of course from Jeannie, who is the only reader I have (as far as I know) who I know in real life and is a wonderful support and a great friend.

And now that my acceptance speech has truly reached Gwynneth Paltrow-esque proportions, I think it's time I stopped...


  1. Oh dear - I just realised I haven't commented on the last three posts and must be in danger of losing my mention in the next speech...! I have been reading and am so glad you decided to go for another round, although I could sympathise utterly with your feelings after the first one. We have just had overseas visitors, and it has been an incredibly dramatic visit, which I will email about. Suffice to say that not much emailing has been done, or commenting. I'm back now though, and sending ALL our love XXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Thank you for the extra hugs, sweetie.

  3. Jeannie, you'll have to try harder than that to lose your mention. But come on, where's the e-mail? I want to hear about all the incredible drama... xxx

  4. Let me get this article written (after I've perused your blog, naturally!) and then I'll upload photos and email :)

  5. Aw hon, feel honoured to get a mention on your fantastic blog...! xx