Monday, 23 November 2009


I hope DH has learnt something in the last week. It turned out that he didn't have Man Flu after all - he had a tummy bug. In case I look totally heartless here, I should point out that while this bug made him feel pretty miserable and do an awful lot of moaning and whining, it was never bad enough to incapacitate him - he never even suggested that he was too sick to go to work.

What I hope he has learnt is that when you don't live alone, you have a responsibility to maintain a level of hygiene when you're not well that bachelors apparently don't aspire to. Things like cleaning up after yourself and not "leaving it till later" (which when you no longer live in a bachelor pad becomes a euphemism for "leaving it for the wife to clean up" - particularly when you abandon it to go off to work and the wife is working from home that day).

I just wish his learning process didn't involve me getting sick. Especially when AF is imminent and if we aren't able to get started on this cycle we'll have to wait until after Christmas. I really hope this bug is out of my system by the time I have to book my baseline scan, because unlike him, I'm unwilling to risk passing it on to other people if I can help it. And if this cycle has to be cancelled because of it, I'll find it very difficult not to resent him over the next couple of months of waiting.


  1. Oh God, I can only imagine what sort of 'cleaning up' got left behind :( Hoping that you are not too sick, and that the bug leaves quickly quickly! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Ugh that stinks that you're sick!! Can you wear a mask if you're super worried about spreading the sickness? I know it might look funny, but at least you could still get started with this cycle. I couldn't imagine waiting til after Christmas if you can avoid it!