Monday, 30 November 2009

The unexpected

Well, my body has an endless capacity to surprise (and disappoint) me.

I've just got back from another scan. The two follicles on my left ovary have grown to 18mm and 19mm. The two on the right (the third little one we saw on Saturday wasn't really visible at all) are stubbornly stuck at 10mm. As they haven't grown at all since Saturday, it looks as though the egg count we're looking at is two.

Given that the ones on the left are pretty much ready and the ones on the right don't seem to be growing, Nurse Perfect decided we might as well go ahead with egg collection on Wednesday. That's right - we were aiming for next Monday or possibly this Friday, and it now turns out that I'll be doing my trigger injection at 3:15 tomorrow morning and then going in for egg collection the day after tomorrow. I just hope DH can get the time off work at such short notice - he's on his way to work at the moment, so he doesn't know yet.

I'm kind of gutted that we might only get two eggs. On the plus side, that would be a whole lot better than none at all. And if they both fertilise, that's all we need. But I don't like the odds. Last time we had six eggs, of which five were suitable for injection, three fertilised and only two survived to transfer. That's a survival-to-transfer rate of one in three, and if we don't even get three eggs this time...

Well, let's just say I'm going to be doing an awful lot of praying over the next 48 hours. And probably also a lot of talking to my right ovary to try to persuade it to pull its finger out and start growing those follicles.


  1. I hope your two eggs are golden and that you get a nice surprise from your righty when it's time for retrieval.

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. I am praying very hard for your two eggs and also that a few extras might just be hiding in there somewhere. Best of luck on your injection and retrieval. I will check back frequently!

    You are in my thoughts, all fingers and toes are crossed, and I will say prayers throughout the day for you.

  3. Thinking of you and praying for a happy surprise come retrieval! Best of luck!

  4. Praying for two beautiful golden eggs - and possibly some more surprising you between now and Wednesday. Will be thinking of you then too - ALL our love XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. Huge hugs. Seriously, so very huge, you can't even imagine. You'd be swallowed alive by them. And of course, I'll be sending all the positive vibes I can your way. :)

  6. Sending prayers for two perfect eggs...and also that the smaller follies surprise everyone! Grow, Follies, Grow! Praying for you and sending huge hugs your way!