Saturday, 28 November 2009


This morning's appointment went well. I have two 11mm follicles on the left, one 10mm on the right and two smaller ones coming up behind on the right. Hopefully that'll be enough...

I had my massive Cetrotide injection. Remember what happened last time? If anything, the swelling this time is bigger, and while I was walking round the supermarket picking up ingredients for tonight's feast, I was really wishing my trousers were considerably looser.

Still, we're moving forward, and I've now changed out of my bloodstained t-shirt (the injection site obviously bled for a little while...) and must start cooking.


  1. I know what you mean about blood-stained clothes. I have a pair of pajama pants with blood all over the back from all the progesterone injections.

    Your follicle count sounds promising! Fingers crossed that those smaller ones start plumping up soon, too.

  2. Plenty of time for the smaller ones to catch up, right? Very exciting!

    And sorry about the injections. Ick! I hadn't heard of Cetrotide before your blog, but I'm quite sure I've no desire to ever have it. What a trooper you are!

  3. Looking forward to hearing how the feast went - and hope you were able to enjoy it too honey! Your schedule sounds crazy frantic, but as you say, the silver lining is no time to think... Good news re the follicles! Come on the others :) All our love as always, to DH on his birthday too XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX