Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Day 3 levels

Yesterday was CD 3, so I went and had my bloods done for the start of my monitoring cycle.

I got a call in the evening to say my results were fine, and they wanted to go ahead and book a mid-cycle scan. I asked what 'fine' meant, and these were the results they gave me.

Another drumroll is needed for this one - my FSH was 9.1!!!

LH was 4.7, which is within the normal range, but I think it's supposed to be close to the FSH level, so not sure if that's good or bad. Since the nurse sounded quite optimistic about my levels, I'm assuming it's OK.

Oestradiol was 220, which is high, and Mr Greek God said last week that to go ahead with a cycle, they like to see FSH of less than 10 AND oestradiol of less than 200. FSH seemed to be the key one, so I'm not sure if an oestradiol level just over 200 would be a deal-breaker if my FSH stays at this level.

My prolactin level, which I don't think I've had measured before, was 337 - according to the form, the range it should fall into is 0-500 (I think there are two different scales, as there's another scale where a level above 25 is a concern), so I'm within the expected range for that.

So the new regime seems to be doing lots of good to me as well, and I can have some hope that we will be given a chance to go ahead and could even be successful on IVF #3.


  1. Good news! I'm so hoping this will give you your miracle!

  2. OH MY GOSH, thats BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!! WEll done FSH levels!!
    I must say that it is really really really nice to hear you sounding positive again, for a while there I think you'd almost given up hope that it might happen and i'm glad that you're feeling better about things. YAY!

  3. YAY!! Well done to both of you for sticking with the healthy eating and rattling regime - look how it's paying off! I have to admit I was sceptical (I'm always sceptical about vitamins, I'm not sure why) but I'm VERY pleased to have egg on my face :D All our love honey XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. WOW I can't believe even your very first test was an FSH below 10! That is fantastic!! This healthy eating/vitamins thing is seriously amazing. And just like egghunt said, it's so nice to hear you sounding so upbeat. =)

  5. That's wonderful news! Yeah for lower FSH!! Can you cycle this month or must you wait until next month and hope for lower FSH again? Wow! I am just so thrilled for you. Truly wonderful stuff. :)