Monday, 29 March 2010

More complications - or Bob Crow ruined my week

The original plan was pretty complicated.

Immune results hopefully coming through this Wednesday or Thursday. If positive, cycle delayed for steroid treatment (which could apparently have the bonus effect of reducing the inflammation in my back - that would be cool). If negative, hysteroscopy hastily arranged to take place before potential cycling.

AF due this Friday. If immune results were negative and hysteroscopy was OK, have blood test to check FSH. If over 10, go home and wait till next month. If under 10, start cycling. (Do you want me to do a flowchart for this...?)

So far, so complicated. Then we throw in Easter.

Good Friday and Easter Monday are both bank holidays, so we have a four-day weekend. All my UK family are gathering at my parents' house, and my mother needs to know if we're coming, and how long we're thinking of staying. I've briefly outlined the situation to her so she knows why I can't give her a firm answer. Nobody else knows, because they don't need to.

Except... we then throw in the train strike and evil Bob Crow.

My sister wants to stay with my parents for a couple of days extra with the children, but my BIL needs to get home for work on Tuesday. He was going to take the train early on Tuesday morning, but good old Bob has put paid to that (and yet he claims that this strike won't disrupt people's Easter holidays).

So I've tentatively offered to drive BIL down south when we leave on Monday. Except, of course, we might not be leaving on Monday. We might be leaving earlier so that I can spend Monday fast asleep in a London basement with my legs in the air (unlikely, since I'll be in the middle of AF). Or I might have to rush back for a blood test, or to pick up a prescription.

And then, as if that isn't complicated enough, we throw in the in-laws. SIL has asked if, since we're going up north anyway and she only lives about an hour out of our way, we could bring MIL and FIL and drop them off at her house. I forgot to tell her that we can't pick them up again at the end of the weekend, as our car only comfortably carries four adults and one space is reserved for BIL, who asked first. They could squeeze in, but for 100 miles, when FIL gets car sick at the best of times...?

So, to recap.

We don't know when we're going - but when we do, we need to pick up DH's parents and drop them off with SIL.

We don't know when we're coming back - but when we do, we need to bring BIL with us, and he wants to spend as much time as possible up north with the family.

We don't know how DH's parents will get home from SIL's house.

We don't know whether I'll be having a hysteroscopy in the next 10 days, and we don't know whether IVF #3 will be starting in the same time frame.

And I don't even know whether I'm teaching the week after Easter, because the course might have to be postponed on account of students not being able to get to London with no trains running. Or we might have to run the course twice, because some of the offices have complained that a change of date is not convenient for them. If so, I need to learn pretty quickly how to bilocate, because it would mean that I'm due to teach two different classes simultaneously on one day of the following week.

In fact, bilocation would be a pretty useful skill for the whole of the next fortnight. If only I'd listened harder in my school physics lessons...


  1. Ouch, my head hurts. I think you need to answer every question from your family with "I don't know" from now on. Seriously, you have a lot of pieces of the puzzle to join up here but I'm sure one way or another they'll come together. That much I KNOW!

  2. Oh my, I get tired just reading about all this. I hope things simply fall into their place and that you actually get to enjoy Easter with the family :)

  3. What a crazy mess! What is it with IF treatments and strikes and their timing? They never come at a good time! While it may not get squared away in an ideal fashion, I imagine it will, in fact, get all squared away. Still, to think of it all...ugh!