Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A whole lot of waiting

It's been a few days since I was on here - life got in the way for a while, and sitting is so uncomfortable at the moment that surfing the interweb just isn't as much fun as usual. The osteopath now reckons I have a slipped disc, and Dr Google appears to confirm that. My GP is on holiday this week, so unless there's a significant improvement in the next few days, I'll make an appointment to see her next week.

In other, slightly less dull, news - I had a blood test on Monday for progesterone levels. They didn't tell me what the level was, but they did say the result confirmed that I had ovulated. I already knew that, because on the evening of the day I got my smiley face I had quite bad ovulation pains, but it's nice to have it confirmed. My ongoing back issues and general lack of ... errm... flexibility mean that there's absolutely no chance of a baby this month, but I'm OK with that.

I'm now back into more waiting for the results of the immune testing. If that all comes out OK, then they'll do a quick hysteroscopy and then see if they can start the actual treatment when AF shows up. It's a very tight schedule, though - the quickest they can get the results through is next Wednesday, and AF is due next Friday. The fact that Good Friday and Easter Monday are both bank holidays is immaterial, though, as the clinic is open 365 days a year.

If the immune testing shows up anything that they want to treat, that'll delay the IVF treatment. I'm totally OK with that too - it gives the supplements more time to work their magic and my back a bit more time to recover before I start having to put my legs in the air for the magic camera on a regular basis.

Apart from my busy work schedule, which I'm sure can be shifted if need be, the only problem with any delays is that once Easter is out of the way, I'm going to find it very hard to keep DH on the straight and narrow with our new regime. The last two Sundays he's had wine and beer at my sister and BIL's house, and he's itching to get back on the chocolate and wine gums.

Last night I jokingly said to him that I was afraid it was going to be very difficult to keep him teetotal after Lent is over, and he just said, "Yes, it will." Not that he's a heavy drinker anyway, but he obviously has no intention of avoiding the wine and beer whenever it's offered to him after Easter.

I pointed out to him that not a drop of alcohol has crossed my lips since we started the new regime and that I only want him to stick to this until his swimmers have done their bit, so we'll just have to see... For me, the fact that we've both shown such an improvement while following the regime is a big motivator to keep at it, but he obviously doesn't think the same way.

So, that's the story of my life right now - waiting for test results, waiting for my back to get better, and also waiting for the rain to stop so the roofers can finish replacing my kitchen roof and waiting to see what happens about this new job opportunity (about which I'll tell you a bit more tomorrow). And now I need to go and catch up on my favourite blogs, which I haven't visited for a few days...


  1. It's hard feeling like you have to watch over DH to make sure he's behaving but I guess if you can't be around him 24 hrs a day then you just have to find a way to trust him (for your own sanity).
    My DH was always so useless at taking his vitamins (but we are only talking about 1-2 pills here, nothing compared to your comprehensive regime) and in then end I sat down and said to him. "You need to take these every day... We can do this 2 ways... I can either treat you like a child and put them in your mouth every day, or you can be grown up and take responsibility yourself". He's been really good ever since and I find the less I actively monitor him the better he is at taking them. Although of course, being super sneaky as I am, I'm always watching him (he just doesn't know it!). I just don't think men like to be mothered about these things (well mine doesn't anyway).
    Waiting is hard, and you've certainly had your fair share of it recently but the new clinic seems to have you waiting for a good reason so I think thats a step in the right direction. Once you do actually start back to being a pin cushion it will be because all the stars are alighed and it is your time. That will make the wait worthwhile I hope.

  2. I am so sorry about your back. Seriously, what a horrid pain and the timing isn't wonderful. Bad news about the possible slipped disc, but good news that maybe they've figured something out so they can treat it properly.

    Definitely a close call, but it sounds as though it can be made to work which is definitely something! I'm still amazed how quickly you are back on track. Perhaps time isn't flying for you, but it seems to be going quite quickly, at least in terms of progress (it's different when it's your own clock you're watching, right?).

    As for DH...sigh. What can I say? PB has not been doing anything he is supposed to, and I believe he is using the excuse that he isn't needed for this next round (his job was done long ago what with it being an FET), and if we have to repeat and we are lucky enough to have frosties left over, he'll be 'off duty' again. Still, I nag him because it takes about 70 days for sperm to develop from start to finish, and what if we have to do a fresh cycle after a failed FET? I swear, men are logical but sometimes their logic is a bit screwy. It sucks, but sounds as though you'll have to keep after him. The good news is, for IVF, they only need a few good swimmers right?