Saturday, 6 March 2010

What's the universe trying to tell me?

Thursday was an unusual sort of morning at work. One of our students had been asked to babysit her 8-year-old nephew for the day, but didn't want to miss class, so I offered to look after him. He came into the office with her and I spent a couple of hours entertaining him (or more accurately, being entertained by him) until it was time to go for our appointment.

Although our office is open plan, my desk is tucked away in a corner of the building, so we were able to play with his remote controlled toys without disturbing anyone - and it's amazing the obstacle courses you can make with an almost endless supply of flipchart markers and highlighter pens.

I thought back to the last two huge days in my IF journey - the day I found out ICSI #1 had failed, when my sister came over for tea with her children and told me she was pregnant, and the day I found out ICSI #2 had failed, when I babysat my nieces while my sister went for an antenatal appointment.

This month's AF should be here either tomorrow or Monday, so I'll hopefully be going for a day 2 blood test on Tuesday morning. On Tuesday evening, my sister has asked me to babysit while she goes to a parents' evening at Niece #1's school.

I actually don't get asked to babysit all that often, so it's quite coincidental that every time something big happens to do with my IF, I'm babysitting that day. I reckon either the universe is trying to tell me that it'll be my turn one day, or it's trying to remind me that even if we never succeed in having children of our own, there will always be children in my life.

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  1. I wish I could decipher the universe's cryptic messages too. I think the universe sends a whole lot of options out there and we grab onto the one that we believe in. I believe that you'll be a mother one day soon and I hope you do too. Fingers crossed that the FSH level is a beautiful low one in a few days time.