Friday, 5 March 2010

Drum roll, please...

In his first SA in July last year, DH had the following results:

Volume - 1 ml
Number of sperm - 0.6m/ml
Motility - 30%
Morphology - 3%
Progression - 1

For ICSI #2, he had volume 0.7 ml, number of sperm 0.5 m/ml, progression 0-1, motility 20%, morphology still at 3%, and for ICSI #1 they just wrote 'occasional' across the chart.

Having looked at those results, Mr Greek God was telling us that he thought we should freeze a sample or two, so we would have something in reserve if there were no usable sperm in the sample DH produced on egg collection day.

Then the results of yesterday's sperm test were brought in:

Volume - 1 ml
Number of sperm - 6m/ml
Motility - 35%
Morphology - 10%
Progression - 2

Still rubbish, but a pretty awesome improvement - and Mr Greek God said with these results a frozen sample wouldn't be necessary. He asked if we'd been doing anything to help DH's sperm, and we said we were on a healthy-eating programme and taking supplements, and he said it was obviously working!!!!

He suggested DH see a urologist, because the low volume with all the other low results suggests that there could be an obstruction. He said what's there now is fine for ICSI, but DH and I discussed it afterwards and decided that if he can get an NHS referral, it might be worth it - if there is an obstruction which can easily be resolved, perhaps it might help the other problem of delayed ejaculation.

He also recommended that we test for the CF gene, as this wasn't done on our previous rounds of tests. He said a mutation on the CF gene could also be a cause of low sperm counts, including low volume.

But in general, it looks like DH's boys are beginning to perk up and learn to swim!!


  1. YES!!!! That is a massive improvement over last time! Congratulations to both of you! I am really excited!! It might not be a bad idea to freeze a vial or two with these lovely results just in case so you have them for back-up.

    I am just grinning like an idiot -- those pills and diet are amazing!

  2. Wonderful to see some improvement for sure!! And I'm with Sonja. Could it hurt to freeze some now just in case? Yes, things are likely to get even better from here, but still...better safe than sorry, no? And a urologist sounds like a wonderful idea. I hope it works out. Clearing a blockage could cause all sorts of improvement!

  3. WOOPEEEE! All that pill popping must be paying off!!!
    Can I just say that it also makes a huge difference WHERE the sperm is analysed as our first SA results were very average and when I first saw Dr Egghunt he said he couldnt accurately analyse any results unless they were done via his own lab and he mentioned then that some labs are better than others at handling the sperm... so we had another SA done at his lab and it was a perfecly normal result and they have been ever since.
    I hope the urologist appt comes around quickly! Your future plans are definately seeming much much much MUCH more hopeful! and I couldnt be happier for you! xxx

  4. Thank you all. We will look into freezing a sample, but I'm hopeful now that things are moving in the right direction with all the supplements and everything. The wheels of the NHS grind slowly, so I'm not sure how soon we would be able to get an appointment with a urologist, but even if it's after the IVF is out of the way, if the other problem could be sorted, that would be wonderful.

    Egghunt, that's interesting about the different labs. I was certainly impressed with the speed with which this result came back - he gave the sample at about 11:45 and it wasn't long after 12:45 that the results were brought in to us, so it was good and fresh when they analysed it.