Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bother bother bother bother bother!

So, it appears that my cycle is so regular that if I'm late one month (as I was last month, by a little short of two days), I'm early the next - by the same margin. And here are some of the reasons I'm not too impressed by that discovery:

1. AF showed up as I was getting ready to leave for a ceilidh. Since I wasn't expecting her till Sunday, I didn't have any of the heavy-duty CD1 supplies that would have ensured a carefree evening's dancing.

2. The only clean trousers I have for the weekend are white.

3. I discovered that AF was here 20 minutes after the clinic's phone lines had closed for the weekend. There is an emergency number, but I don't think they'd see this as an emergency, and all their patient information gives strict instructions that you should not turn up for blood tests or anything else at the weekend unless you have an appointment. That means the best I can do is turn up on Monday morning on the off-chance that they can fit me in for a blood test. It'll still technically be CD3, but all my other blood tests have been done on CD1 or 2 (as they prefer).

I feel a little ambivalent about this month anyway. I have exactly three more weeks in my job, and if we started to cycle now, egg collection would fall round about the time of our big leaving party. Plus I do still have work commitments in those last three weeks, and I'm not sure if the stresses of leaving a job I've been in for a few years would be compatible with the zen-like calm I hope to achieve during my treatment cycle.

On the other hand, there's that ticking clock and the fact that I haven't yet had an ideal CD1-3 blood test result, so that if it is right this month, I have to go ahead anyway.

Why is life never simple...?

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  1. I hope they can fit you in for a blood test on Monday. Your results just seem to be getting better and better each month that I just feel like this is your month. Crossing my fingers that E2 and FSH think so too!!!!

    Damn AF for showing up at a time when you only have white pants available!!!! You are a brave woman!!