Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Shooting up in public toilets

One of the signs of Mr Miracle Worker's attention to detail is in the timing of the jabs. At the old clinic, I was told to do my jabs at the same time every day - I was pretty much free to choose what time that should be, so I did them around 7 every evening.

The daily instructions from XXXX clinic are very precise - they say what dosage you should take of which drugs and at what time, as well as saying what appointments you have the next day (blood tests, scans, etc) and anything else Mr Miracle Worker wants to pass on. You need to have an injection kit with you at all times, as you can be told to take the drugs 'right now', 'as soon as possible' or at a specified time.

My instructions today were to take 300 IU of Fostimon between 8 and 10 pm. This presented something of a challenge, as my cousin was singing in a concert and DH and I had arranged to be there. The concert began at 8.

I had my little bag of drugs ready, and managed to find a seat at the end of a row, closest to the toilets. As soon as the choir went offstage for the interval, I dashed to the loo and shut myself into the first cubicle, where I hastily mixed my injection and jabbed myself in the stomach. I could hear the queue building up outside and was too embarrassed to stay in there any longer after doing the jab, so had to cross my legs until the end of the concert - not so comfortable after following the instructions to drink a litre of milk and at least two litres of water in the course of the day!

Tomorrow I have a blood test at 7:30 and a scan at 8:00. I've also been instructed to up my fluid intake again and drink 2.5 to 3 litres of water tomorrow (as well as my litre of milk). This morning I had eight little phials of blood taken from me - perhaps they're trying to replace all the blood I'm losing with water...

So it's up at 5:45 tomorrow, and hopefully I'll get to do tomorrow's jab in the comfort of my own home.


  1. Ohhh I've had to do a jab in a public toilet as well and its a new dimension of pressure isn't it? Although mine was a premixed injection so I didn't have the drama of mixing whilst sitting on the loo that you did!!
    Hope the concert was good!

  2. ROFL! I hope you don't get all sorts of unsavoury Googlers coming over here because of that topic!!! I really admire your commitment honey, although I'm afraid I think you should have glared at the door and had a defiant wee despite the crowd :D *HUGSHUGSHUGS*

  3. blimey - how are you going to fit all that liquid in!!!!

  4. Haven't had the pleasure of shooting up in public, and you've just made me glad I haven't ;) No one can say you aren't committed though! Hopefully you won't find yourself in similar situations too often. :)