Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Yesterday was another very intensive day. When I had my scan on Monday morning, I had one big follicle on each side (like, over 20 mm each) and one or two little pathetic things lagging behind. I was warned that they might call me back for another scan in the afternoon, but they didn't, though I did have a repeat blood test. Having done 0.25 mg Cetrotide jabs every day since Thursday, on Monday afternoon I was instructed to do a 3 mg jab immediately (that's the one I did in the loo at Starbucks!).

So here's my timetable for yesterday (and bear in mind that I was supposedly at work all day!):

5:00 - 25 mg Cetrotide injection
6:00 - train to London
7:00 - drop into the office to pick up some papers I needed
7:30 - blood test
8:00 - scan - one follicle on each side over 25 mm, plus a 14 mm on the left and another possible one on the right that I don't think he measured
8:30 - breakfast at my desk, start dealing with a few e-mails
9:00 - dexamethasone and aspirin
10:00 - appointment with my solicitor on the other side of London, sorting out some paperwork to do with my redundancy
11:15 - back at my desk
12:00 - call from the clinic, calling me back for repeat bloods and scan. Instructed to take 300 IU Fostimon immediately before going into the clinic, so went off to shoot up in the loos at work
12:30 - blood test
1:00 - I managed to fit in a nice lunch at a cafe round the corner from the clinic
2:00 - scan - told I'll almost certainly be triggering today or tomorrow. Still only two huge follicles, but so big now that the scan was really uncomfortable. Don't know how people manage who get dozens of follicles in there
3:00 - back at my desk
4:45 - call from the clinic, instructing me to take 150 IU Fostimon immediately - went to shoot up in the loo at work again. Also instructed me to drink half a litre of water immediately and up my liquids to 3.5-4 litres of water (plus the regular 1 litre of milk) for today and tomorrow and to drink another glass of water every time I get up in the night to go to the loo, have regular (2-3 hourly) protein snacks and to do my trigger injection tonight
5:30 - left work - crossed my legs and hung on desperately on the way home
6:45 - arrived home, quick trip to the bathroom, then carried on chugging water and eating nuts and seeds
8:30 - 10,000 IU Pregnyl - I'm triggered!!!
9:30 - huge mug of milk followed by huge glass of water, then bed at last

My stomach's pretty uncomfortable this morning and I have EWCM, so I'm hoping nothing untoward is happening. I've been up for a couple of hours and have so far consumed half a litre of milk, a cereal bar, two cups of Redbush tea, half a litre of water and a bowl of Fruit 'n' Fibre with apple and pear puree. Apart from that, I'm enjoying a day of not having to go into London or stick any needles into myself. The only medication I have to take today is my Dexamethasone, which I just had a few minutes ago.

We need to be at the clinic at 7:00 tomorrow morning for egg collection. There's a big do at work starting at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon to celebrate the end of the year for our students and say goodbye to those of us who are leaving. I'd prefer not to miss my own leaving party, but we'll see how I feel...


  1. WOW, things are moving so fast! Good luck tomorrow, hoping for at least two super-duper mature eggs with 100% fertilization!

  2. Me too! Just what Circus Princess said! This is exciting :) Keep an eye out on the post too - I put a tiny something in there for you about a week ago now, hoping it will get to you soon.

    ALL my love and sending huge prayers and love across to you XXXXXXXXX

  3. Oh my gosh I wasn't expecting to see you trigger yet! How exciting! I am kicking the prayers for you into high gear -- at least hourly, my friend!!! I will petition St. Therese and St. Jude as well for prayers on your behalf.

    Best of luck. Please know that across the ocean I will be thinking of and praying for this cycle and for you. *hugs*

  4. Will be sending prayers your way from Australia. Good Luck!!

  5. Oh my goodness, triggered already! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it's not too uncomfortable and the results absolutely fabulous!