Friday, 23 July 2010

While my credit card gently weeps

Today I had another 'take this now' call. This means that in the four days I've been stimming, I've had to shoot up in a busy reception room at the clinic, in the public toilets of a concert hall, at a friend's house, and now in the toilets at work. The only jab I've managed to do at home was this morning's 6 am dose of Cetrotide. At work today I had to do two jabs: 300 IU of Fostimon and 150 IU of Merional. Tomorrow afternoon we'll be at my parents-in-law's house - taking the call and then shooting up there may be a bit tricky, as we haven't told them about the IVF, so I hope at least I'm instructed to do the jab in the evening rather than straight away.

The results of my immune testing also came back, and weren't brilliant - I'm now on 75 mg of aspirin a day, and from tomorrow I'll also be taking Clexane and Dexamethasone. But the one my credit card really won't enjoy is the £1,300 per dose IVIg, which I'm due to have on Monday. Let's hope I only need the one dose. It's administered by drip over the course of four or five hours, and they may decide not to start it until they've seen the result of Monday's blood test, so I've been told to plan to spend the whole day at the clinic on Monday. Just as well my boss is so understanding, and that I've told him what's going on.

Tomorrow I have another early dose of Cetrotide, then bloods at 8:30 and a scan at 9:00. The Cetrotide must be taken at least an hour before the blood test - not a problem if I do it at home, as it takes over an hour to get to the clinic.

In terms of side effects, the bloating and headache have actually eased a bit - maybe I'm getting used to the drugs. DH would probably tell you that the irritability hasn't eased very much, although I'm doing my very best to bite my tongue and not take it out on him.

My biggest problem today was total exhaustion - the most recent bout of irritability was when DH tried to stop me and give me a hug on my way upstairs, and I felt really cross that he was coming between me and my bed. But now I'm sitting in bed updating you before I allow myself to go to sleep, so go figure. I'd better stop and go to sleep before I get grumpy with you too.

9:30 pm - what a lightweight!


  1. Wow it does sound like they are doing a great job of covering EVERY base and monitoring you to the nth degree. IVIg is expensive, but i've heard great things about it (its not available in NZ unfortunately).
    All these protocol changes and the micro management of the XXXX clinic has got to be making a huge difference to your chances of success. I'm so excited for you! I know its a pain to have to do all the injections and subject yourself to the extra monitoring but just be as kind as you can to yourself and gently remind yourself that hopefully it will be all worth it in a few weeks time.

  2. I'm with egghunt, it seems like they are covering all their bases! I'll be interested in hearing about the IVIg, too.

    All the injections in random locations is annoying for sure, but hopefully your follicles are plumping up nicely as we speak and it will all be worth it!!

  3. Early to bed now is good practice for when you're pregnant and the baby comes, I say. Bugger about that IVig...I've never heard of it before, but one more thing to add to the list and so pricey. In the end, it will be worth it. :)