Thursday, 22 July 2010

For probably the last time...

... I have to tell you again how much I love my boss.

I told him yesterday what was going on - one of my slight concerns was that I have a few days' teaching coming up, one or more of which I may not be able to do. Since I'm due to finish work in two weeks anyway, I offered to resign on the spot rather than hang around and potentially let him down at the last minute on the teaching.

He has arranged cover for all my teaching if necessary and told me not to resign, but to do what work I could while ensuring that what I need to do for my treatment cycle takes priority, because that's the thing that's most important in the grand scheme of things.

I'm going to miss working for such a great guy.

In other news, today I had my first scan since beginning stims. I'm on day 3 of stims and have three follicles on the left ovary, all around the 7-8 mm mark, and one on the right, at 12.8 mm. Today's instructions were to take cetrotide as soon as I got the call and then 'as soon as possible' to take 450 IU of Fostimon. I'm not sure what the difference is between 'now' and 'as soon as possible', but I did the cetrotide straight away and then immediately afterwards did the Fostimon. I have to take another cetrotide tomorrow morning, and probably every day after that - not something I'm excited about, as I get that itchy reaction to it.

But as I said to a friend today as I chugged my third litre of water for the day, if Mr Miracle Worker told me to drink ditchwater while standing on my head, I'd do it. This guy knows his stuff, and at the moment I love him almost as much as I love my boss...


  1. Nice to see some follie so early on in the piece!!
    My last ivf cycle i drank at least 3 litres of water a day (sometimes I drank 4!!!) and for some reason I didnt struggle with it. The first few days were filled with LOTS of toilet stops but my body seemed to adjust after that and it all got so much easier. I hope the same happens for you. It made me realise (since I wasn't peeing all the time) that my body obviously really needed all that liquid and I did plan on keeping up with it after IVF.. but haven't.

    PS - your boss is so lovely!

  2. Definitely a brilliant boss! It's lovely how everything is working out.

    As for the liquids, I imagine you're frequenting the bathroom about as often as I am.:)

  3. Wow what a fab boss!

    Glad to see some follies already too!

  4. Your boss is amazing!

    Those follicles sound like they're plumping up already! How exciting! Praying hard for some beautiful eggs to come out of them.