Friday, 11 December 2009


I'm officially halfway through the two week wait, and I haven't gone totally crazy yet! In reality, if the result is going to be negative I should know long before the two weeks are up. My normal luteal phase is about 12 or 13 days, usually with at least a couple of days of spotting towards the end.

The side effects of the Cyclogest really started to kick in yesterday - I think largely because this is the stage when my progesterone levels drop, and my body isn't used to having them kept artificially high. It's like nature and the drugs are fighting a little battle, and my body is the battleground.

I have plenty to keep me occupied over the next week, which I'm hoping will ease the impact if the result is negative. Here's my schedule, and just for fun (?) I've included in square brackets anything significant that was happening at the equivalent stage in the last IVF cycle.

Today (9 DPO) - I'm working from home. I have my acupuncture appointment this morning, then after school this afternoon my sister is dropping her three children off for a 'nightover' (as the five-year-old calls it).

Tomorrow (10 DPO) [the day I started spotting last time, though I also had taste aversions and unusual 'have to eat now' hunger] - Christmas preparations with the children, sister and BIL coming for lunch and picking up the children, out in the evening with our pub quiz team to spend our winnings for the last few months on a slap-up Christmas dinner.

Sunday (11 DPO) [more spotting last time, though still not heavy, but still hopeful because I still had taste aversions and unusual appetite] - Mass, then either shopping or quiet afternoon at home with DH, depending how I feel.

Monday (12 DPO) [spotting heavier - realised it was probably all over and had total meltdown last time] - working from home all day, then DH is out in the evening for his first proper driving lesson. Serious willpower will be needed to keep my mind on my work.

Tuesday (13 DPO) - in the office; going out for lunch with girls from the department to celebrate our administrator's birthday. DH has his second driving lesson in the evening.

Wednesday (14 DPO) [POAS - first BFN] - working from home all day, then putting in brief appearance at gym Christmas party before going on to our book club Christmas party.

Thursday (15 DPO) - working from home again, then going out in the early evening for a meal with Forum Friend.

Friday (16 DPO - official test day) [POAS again - official BFN] - have to be at my sister's before 9 to take the little ones so she can drop the eldest at school then get to the hospital for her antenatal appointment. Drop Niece #2 at playgroup, take Niece #3 to Niece #1's end of term Mass, probably have to leave Mass before the end to get to Niece #2's nativity play, go from there to the school to pick up Niece #1, who's finishing early because it's the last day of term - at some stage during all this, ring the clinic to tell them the result of my POAS. If by some miracle it's positive, rush back from my sister's place to the clinic to pick up a new Cyclogest prescription. I've been invited to a party in the evening, to which I almost certainly won't go, but DH definitely won't be at home, as he has his office Christmas party.

It's going to be a busy old week, and I'm hoping against hope it won't have bad news at the end of it - or in the middle...


  1. Hoping for all around good news, all week :)

  2. Praying that there's no spotting and you make it through this week without any signs of AF! I am so hopeful for good news!

  3. Oh, the second week is SO MUCH harder than the first isn't it? Well for me its when I always start bleeding so I am so much more on edge the past few days and my constant trips to the bathroom for knicker checks is getting a bit ridiculous. My BT is on Wednesday, but I don't get the results till Thursday (cause i'm an out of town patient) so I'm really only 1 day ahead of you. . . am just holding my breath that its a lucky cycle for both of us. hugs.xxxxx

  4. Thanks ladies. Egghunt, it's so hard, isn't it? My prayers at the moment are so bizarre, as I pray by 'name' for Egghunt, Circus Princess, Derailed, Sonja, Myndi... I currently have NO idea which way this is going to go, though I'm leaning towards pessimism out of a sense of self-preservation, but I really hope you and I are both celebrating by the end of next week. xxx