Thursday, 10 December 2009


I'm very proud of myself, because this morning it's five days since I last took my temperature, having charted religiously since February. (I'm pretty sure, though, that the Cyclogest is making it higher than usual, as despite having fewer night sweats this time round, I've had a heat rash on my neck since Tuesday night and it seems to be growing.)

However, I'm glad I have twelve cycles' worth (yes, I have SHORT cycles) of information stored on Fertility Friend.

Yesterday I started to let a degree of obsessive symptom-spotting creep back into my life. I'm not halfway through the two-week wait yet, and I'm determined not to get as obsessed as I did last time.

When I started getting major cramps yesterday, I went straight to my record on Fertility Friend and had a look at the symptom analyser. It told me that in precisely six of the last 12 cycles, I have recorded cramping on 7 DPO. Rather than spend the next two or three hours pointlessly Googling, this information enabled me to let it go and get back to work, knowing that the cramps tell me precisely nothing.

Being a recovering obsessive is a great help in ... errrm ... recovering from an obsession.


  1. I'm finding it increasingly hard not to overanalyse everything too. So its nice to know i'm not alone. We can be clueless together!

  2. I would definitely say to not overanalyze because I wrote down all my "symptoms" for 3 cycles that ended in BFNs and when I compared them daily to this positive cycle they were literally identical. I am thinking that only in hindsight can you see tiny little differences.

    On what DPO do you go in for your beta? Did I read that they make you wait 2 weeks post-transfer? So 16 DPO? Do you get AF very reliably on 14 DPO (so you would have a clue before the beta) or no?

    Hold on, you can make it!

  3. I know - I'm actually deliberately looking at the ceiling while I shower these days, to prevent myself examining my boobs and trying to work out if they're more veiny than usual!

    My clinic doesn't do a beta unless there's some sort of problem (like positive HPT and loads of bleeding). They just tell us to take a HPT two weeks after transfer. My usual luteal phase is 12 days - can be as low as 10 - so I'm very likely to have a major clue before official test day.

    Last time, the spotting started on 11 DPO (Saturday) and I pretty much knew for certain on 13 DPO (Monday), although I still had to keep taking the Cyclogest until official test day on 16 DPO and AF didn't show up in full force until I stopped taking it. So if it's negative, I probably don't actually have too much longer to wait before I know.

  4. The waiting is miserable, and I can't imagine it ever gets any easier. You're doing a wonderfully impressive job keeping it together this cycle. Hope you realize that and are feeling good about it. :)

    Must be such a relief to know you'll have an answer soon. Got my fingers crossed for good news.