Thursday, 17 December 2009


So far, I've managed not to crack and test early, and now I only have one more day to wait.

The spotting slowed down considerably after I posted on Tuesday morning, and yesterday I had hardly any until the evening. I veer almost by the minute between total despair and thinking that there is some hope after all, and it's that bit of hope that makes it easier not to test - because I'm terrified of testing and getting a BFN. I'd like to spend another 24 hours living in my little dreamworld where a BFP remains a possibility, however remote.

In the meantime, I got quite a good demonstration yesterday evening of my level of subconscious obsession. I had written some notes on Business Property Relief for work, and as I proof-read them afterwards, I realised that several times instead of 'BPR', my fingers had automatically typed 'BFP'. Good job I checked before sending the stuff to print...


  1. Good luck tomorrow, I've got my fingers tightly crossed!

  2. oh ldom when I read yourpost I thought well sheknows her body best I wont patronise her with "you justnever know" but nowim excited again! lets hope you get the best christmas prezzie ever!

  3. Still thinking of you constantly and praying hard for a miracle ...

  4. Good luck testing in the morning! Hoping it's your lucky Friday. :)