Friday, 25 December 2009

So this is Christmas

This is a poem which I found here. - I hope the author doesn't mind me repeating it here.

Another Christmas with empty arms,
As the bells chime to ring in the season,
We spend another year in childlessness,
And try to understand God has a reason.

Others take pictures of children in bed,
While they stay up late hiding gifts near the tree,
Our traditions remain in limbo,
We have no one for whom to create legacy.

We’ve watched as friends and relatives’ families grow,
As their children multiply and mature each year,
While we remain a family of two,
And the number may never change, we fear.

Well wishers remind us that God has a plan,
For He loves and wants good for us,you see,
But, when you beg for one gift that you never receive,
It is easy to ask, “How can that be?”

So, with heavy hearts and a tear in our eye,
We will focus on Jesus’ birth long ago,
Celebrating Christmas without our long awaited child,
Is much harder than most will ever know.

I wish all of you the best Christmas you can possibly have, and I hope next Christmas will be the sort of happy day we're hoping for.


  1. what a fitting poem, although it is equally sad that it does describe your feelings so much. Oh boy, christmas day is a tough one. I hope you have a nice day and take pleasure in the little blessings, thats all we can do isn't it? Big hugs.