Saturday, 24 April 2010

Events conspire...

Well, it's been a manic week. I already had more work than I could cope with, then last weekend one of my colleagues called to say he was stuck in Spain because of the Icelandic dust cloud. That meant I had to do his teaching this week, which also meant that I had to update the teaching materials beforehand and make sure I knew what I was talking about.

So this week was ridiculously busy, but I also completed a huge and very high profile job for which I hope I'll get lots of brownie points. Outside work, I managed to see Niece #1 on her birthday and speak to US Nephew #1 on his birthday, and to go to our regular fortnightly pub quiz.

Meanwhile, the course I was due to teach next week has been cancelled for various other reasons, which means I get the brownie points for teaching my colleague's class this week, I get next week to catch up with some of the work I didn't manage to get done because of doing his teaching this week, and because I'm not teaching next week I'm able to take a day off for the hysteroscopy on Tuesday.

I also had a long chat with my mother this morning about the logistics of my brother's visit from the US at the beginning of June. I had to tell her that there was a possibility that we'll be cycling around then, but we've worked out that it should all work out quite nicely around their visit.

So I'm now pretty comfortable with the idea of not going ahead this next cycle (although I'm sad that Egghunt and I won't be cycle buddies again), and I'm left with the idea that without any action or volition on my part, events seem to be conspiring to make all my timings work out quite nicely.

Now, we just need to hope that my body will also co-operate...


  1. I agree, it really does feel like the universe is just paving a way for this cycle to happen perfectly. And it's no less than you deserve by the way. x

  2. I'm putting your body on notice at this moment. Behave yourself and do exactly as you are supposed to! By the by, low FSH and all that is what you're "supposed to" just to avoid any confusion. :)