Monday, 26 April 2010

Sod's law

On Saturday, we bought some new garden furniture. We were due to be out for most of yesterday, taking the MIL out for lunch for her birthday, but DH had a driving lesson first thing in the morning, so I had a plan to sit out on our new bench reading the Sunday papers while he was gone.

That is, I had that plan until we woke up and looked out of the window. After the beautiful sunshine of the last few days, yesterday morning it poured with rain, and I stood by the back door for several minutes watching the raindrops pooling on our nice new bench.

I couldn't help feeling that the universe was cocking a snook at me. Not only did we have nice new garden furniture that we wanted to try out, but I had watered the lawn on Saturday. And on Sunday, it got another really good soaking.

And that's why I'm not going to buy any baby equipment until I'm pregnant. Preferably several months pregnant. Or maybe I should wait until the baby's actually born. Or until... well, I should be safe if I wait until it's about 18.

I already have a certain amount of baby equipment in my house. It was bought for my nephews and nieces and other visiting babies, and has already been very well used. It will continue to be well used by my sister's children for at least another couple of years. So I should be safe, but I hope this mischievous universe hasn't noticed that it's here.


  1. Murphy's law is relentless isn't it!!!
    I hope you get to enjoy your new bench very soon, its sounds charming.
    In regards to the baby paraphenalia... I am 100% with you there. I wouldnt even consider buying anything for our imaginary children at this point as The Universe seems to have eyes everywhere. I remember a day before my 2nd misscarriage my SIL gave us this elaborate baby gym thing and I felt really uncomfortable accepting it as I was only 6 wks pregnant at the time and with already 1 m/c under my belt was not screaming my announcemnt from the rooftops. We were staying at their house at the time and the next day I started bleeding and the m/c was iminent. I ended up asking my SIL to keep the toy, it was too painful for me to look at and I couldnt shake the feeling that the universe had cursed us for accepting the gift. So yeah, maybe if we wait till our children are 18 the Universe would have found someone else to focus it's attention on!!!

  2. Oh, I wish I had nieces and nephews to explain the growing treasure trove of baby goodies in the baby room closet. Instead, I try to keep PB out of there and hope with all my might that we actually get to put it all to use. Otherwise, we'll be having a mighty large raffle on my blog when this is all over!

    All that said, we haven't made any really large purchases. After the miscarriage, it seems even less practical than it did before. But it sure is hard to hold back!