Sunday, 11 April 2010

Planning again

I had a call from the clinic during the week. It was the nurse I spoke to about my immune test results - she had a note on my file that she'd left me a message, but had forgotten to record that I had called her back, so was calling to check that I knew the results.

We discussed what happens next. Mr Miracle Worker likes to do hysteroscopies as close as possible to the start of stimming. Since I'm on the short protocol again and I won't be able to start stimming unless my FSH is at the right level, this gives a pretty small window of opportunity.

So the nurse said I should call them in a week or two just so they know they're expecting me. Then I go in for a blood test and a scan on CD 1. Assuming those are OK, they do a hysteroscopy on CD 2, then I start injecting on CD 3.

I was a little bit taken aback by this and said, "Ummm, isn't doing a hysteroscopy on CD 2 a bit, ummm ... messy?"

I don't think she really got what I meant and just said, "No, it'll be fine. Don't worry about it."

She obviously hasn't seen the Niagara Falls that is my AF on CD 2, and I'm really not very excited at the thought of all those tourists visiting the Falls that day.


  1. Eeek - my deepest sympathies for that one...

  2. Ugh, I had to have a date with Wanda during AF once, but it was later in the cycle I think. Still, I feel ya...I stressed about it so much. At some point, I got used to all the poking and prodding and different people looking at my lady bits all the time, but that time of the month...just not something you ever really feel comfortable sharing. :(

  3. It doesnt sound pleasant, but then I've had scans done on CD2 (I know scans are different to a hysteroscopy though) and I also asked my nurse about the messyness... She said they've seen it all, and worse, before and wasn't phased by it whatsoever. But still, I understand your uneasiness about it. I'm sure they know what they could be in for though and i'm sure it won't make them bat an eyelid. I hope its not too uncomfortable for you though, I'm always quite tender down there in the first 2 days of my cycle.
    PS - How cool that we might be cycle buddies again!! I get you as my buddy two times in a row, I am lucky!