Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Hysteroscopy timing

Like Sonja, I was a little surprised that XXXX clinic wanted to do my hysteroscopy just before my AF.

I'm ridiculously busy at work at the moment, but I managed to take five minutes today to do a little bit of research. XXXX clinic has quite a presence on the net, with its own very active board on at least one of the forums.

XXXX clinic basically recommends that all its patients have hysteroscopies. As I understand it, and as Mr Greek God explained it to me, the main reason for this, apart from the fact that they can identify and deal with any polyps or other uterine abnormalities, is so they can take exact measurements and map out your uterus to enable them to decide on the best position for placing the embryos. Apparently embryo transfer with Mr Miracle Worker can take as much as half an hour, because he's so precise about how the embryos are handled and exactly where they're placed, and he likes to plan it in advance. This is another reason I'm so grateful that Mr Greek God suggested that I could be sedated for transfer.

I have no abnormal bleeding or anything to suggest that I have any problems, my AF is completely regular and no irregularities were detected during all the ultrasounds that I had at the old clinic. So the mapping and measuring is the main function of what's happening next week, and I don't think the lining needs to be super-thin for that.

All of the decisions at XXXX clinic are made by Mr Miracle Worker, having reviewed the information received from all the tests and appointments with the other doctors and nurses. Because he has such fine attention to detail and is so meticulous in preparing for cycles, I have absolute faith that he knows what he's doing and so feel much less inclined to second-guess him than I did Mr No Nonsense.

Having said that, I probably will casually drop the question in when they phone on Monday to arrange the exact time I have to go in on Tuesday - a hysteroscopy is an expensive thing, after all.


  1. Oh okay, that makes more sense. If he just wants to get an idea of where to place embryos and isn't concerned about other abnormalities maybe it's even preferable to have a thick lining the way you would at transfer time? Very interesting!

    And I'd be glad to be sedated, too, if you're going to be doing a 30 minute transfer! That's really amazing that he's such a perfectionist and I will pray that when the time comes he finds the perfect place to nestle your little babies in.

    This guy definitely sounds on top of his game so I have no doubt he's doing what's best!

  2. Yes for sedation! I've not had issues myself with any procedures so far, but they did give me valium for both transfers which made it a much more relaxing procedure. However, I know you've had issues in the past, so I'm glad to hear that they are willing to sedate you for it!

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