Tuesday, 20 April 2010

One step forward, two steps back

I had a call from Aussie Nurse today. Because I'm doing the short protocol, she now says they want to do the hysteroscopy before AF shows up. That doesn't worry me - it's what I expected, and Aussie Nurse had my file in front of her and knew hysteroscopy was what she was speaking to me about, so had all the information she needed (whereas the nurse I spoke to before was calling me about my immune testing and may have been less on the ball about other plans for my treatment).

I took the opportunity to ask about this next cycle - I'm due to teach a course two or three hours' drive from London on what will probably be CD 13 and 14, and am expected to stay down there for two nights. It's already been rearranged once because of the snow, and postponing it again isn't really an option.

So I asked if that would be a problem, and she instantly said it would. She reiterated that XXXX clinic is different from other clinics, and that they really do monitor you very closely during a cycle. She said unless egg collection happened before CD 13 (which can in no way be guaranteed), they would absolutely require me to go in for blood tests on both of those days, and if I couldn't get out of the trip, she would recommend delaying the cycle.

This is really what I expected as well, and if the decision is taken out of my hands, that's no bad thing. Work is really hectic at the moment, and another month would actually mean that we complete the four month Foresight programme before the treatment cycle. That's a good thing, as the woman I spoke to from Foresight was adamant that we shouldn't actually be trying for a baby until we had completed the treatment. She said that if we did, the quality of our eggs and sperm might have improved enough to get us pregnant, but not to keep us pregnant.

The downside is that it's another month's wait. Aussie Nurse said I could go in for a blood test when AF shows up and decide on the basis of what that says. Part of me thinks that after getting FSH under 10 in my monitoring cycle, if it's also under 10 this cycle, especially if it continues the downward trend from last time, then perhaps my situation isn't as dire as Mr No Nonsense thought it was, in which case another month's wait would be less of a problem.

In any case, she said if I have the hysteroscopy before this AF shows up, the results will still be valid for the following cycle if we decide not to go ahead - but I'll have it out of the way if we are able to go ahead.

So I'm booked in for a hysteroscopy next Tuesday, then when AF shows up - probably on Thursday or Friday - I'll have a blood test and see what it tells us.

But it looks as though this cycle is not going to be The One. And that's OK, because I don't feel as though the timing is right yet. Hopefully May will work out better...


  1. I'm surprised they'd do a hysteroscopy when you're about to have AF. It was my understanding that they like to do those right after AF because your lining is super thin so they can easily see any polyps, scarring or other abnormalities/irregularities. Did they say why it's better right before AF? Just curious.

  2. You're right, its sometimes very nice when the decision is taken away from you. The constant dilema of when is the perfect time is such a hard decision to make but I think you are right, things are not as doom and gloom as Mr No Nonsense thought, you have time and certainly a month won't make any difference at all. On a purely selfish level I'm sad you won't be my cycle buddy this time but I will survive!
    I'm also interested in the Q that sonja raised above, my hysteroscopies have always been done just after AF because of the thin lining aspect, so would also be keen to hear their reasoning.

  3. If you don't feel the timing is right, then the delay must be meant to be. Isn't it funny how, when we struggle to make decisions for ourselves, the decision so often is made for us?

    As for the hysteroscopy, my clinic does it between CD7-12 when the lining is building up. I don't know why it is so, but it is. If I weren't such anal about having all info possible, I swear I would have given up on trying to understand why clinic's do anything a very long time ago!