Wednesday, 28 April 2010

It is well with me

Those were the last words of St Peter Chanel, whose feast day is today, as he lay dying following an attack by an angry mob. I feel they're quite apt as I contemplate the dying embers of my career...

The meeting this morning did not go well. We were put on notice that a 'consultation' period will be beginning in two weeks, at the end of which there 'may' be redundancies. This is lawyer-speak for 'none of you will have a job in a couple of months' time'.

There is a faint possibility that one or two people out of the seven of us will be kept on, but if that happened, the job description would have to be changed beyond all recognition to allow the work to be done by two people - all seven of us are working pretty much flat-out at the moment.

DH and I chatted about it last night, and we came to the following conclusions.

First, we reckon that with the pay that's still coming to me between now and when I get kicked out, together with his salary and what's left of our savings and a bit of belt-tightening, we can probably manage until the end of the year, which gives me a chance to work out what's going to happen next.

Second, it's almost certain that I'll never again earn as much money as I am doing at the moment - and we're both OK with that. He said he'll support me in whatever decision I make about the future - at the moment, freelance work is looking like a possible option, but we'll see.

Third, if my FSH level is OK this month, I'm cancelling the out of town work commitment that would have prevented us going ahead with treatment. Why should I put our possible future on hold for the sake of a job I'm about to lose?

Fourth, if I do keep my job and end up getting pregnant, I'll stay long enough to get maternity leave, then tell them I'm not coming back.

And finally and most importantly - this is not a disaster for us, but an opportunity. I'm angry at the way we've been treated, but excited to see what the future holds.


  1. Oh, I do wish it were better news, but it seems you have found a silver lining. Still, I know you loved your work, or at least parts of your work, and it is very challenging to watch people you were close to leave and conversely to leave people and a job you loved. Been there done that.

    Excellent that you have such a great back up plan though and that DH is on board. And as much as I hate the work debacle for you, I am a little giddy at the idea of it working out so that you can long as you feel comfortable with the timing.

    One thing is for certain, things are becoming clearer, and will continue to do so for the next few weeks, right? Opportunity indeed. :)

  2. Sounds like you are making the best of a bad situation. Glad you have a plan, and that hubby is supportive.

  3. You're right it does sound like an opportunity! Sorry they're treating you badly though.
    Now I'm hoping the stars align for this IVF to take off :)

  4. It is a pity that opportunity sometimes comes disguised in the shape of assholes... but this does sound like an opportunity :) I can't help feeling that the release of stress in knowing you have a plan regardless will make a big impact on your state of mind. Am praying that this is all just the universe making space for the next cycle (or, at most, the one after!) to be successful, and thus you have your life set up just the best possible way for a healthy pregnancy and and a good first year or so of Baby Springs life :D